Time for 55th Reunion


Can you believe it? It has been over a half a century since we graduated from High School. Where has the time gone? Did we accomplish what we wanted to do?

We are beginning to discuss the possibility of having our 55th Class Reunion and we want your suggestions / opinions. Please let us know your thougths and ideas. We do not have any preconceived ideas on how this event should be structured. Your idea is as good as mine. Please share them.


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1)   * Should we have a 55 year reunion?

Yes No
2)   If yes, what are your thoughts on how this reunion should happen?

3)   * I will list some ideas some of our peers have suggested. What are your thoughts on them?

  A 3 to 5 day Cruise?
  A bus trip to Ruidoso and and stay at the Inn of the Mountain Gods. There we would have dinner and maybe a dance?
  A Saturday or Sunday outing to Cattlemans Steakhouse. We could take our family during the early afternoon and have a sit down dinner at night?
  Have a sit down dinner at a local restuarant with some light entertainment
  Other: Please tell us
4)   Now it is your turn, do you have any ideas that you want to offer?

5)   Do you want to help us plan this reunion and be part of the team?

Yes No
6)   If you do, what is your current cell number and personal email address?