Evalutions of 50th Year Class Reunion 11/12/19

All Attendees to our 50th Year Class Reunion,

Please complete this survey regarding our reunion. We honestly want and need your feedback. Your input will impact planning for future reunions.


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1)   * What Class do you belong to?

  Class of '67
  Class of '68
  Class of '69
  Class of '70
  Class of '71
  Class of '72
  Other Alumni

Our reunion was open to all Alumni. We specifically invited the class of '67, '68, '69 '70, and '71. This was two years before we graduated and two year after. These were individuals we tended to be familiar with and had some interation.
2)   * Was this the first Reunion that you have attended?

  Yes, this was my first
  No, I have attended at least 2 reunions
  No, I have attended 3 or more reunions
  No, I have attended all of my classes' reunions

Let us know if you have attended any other reunions.
3)   How did this reunion compare to any other you have attended?

  No Answer
  All reunions are the same
  One of the other reunions was better
  I liked this reunion more
  This one was outstanding

Please let us know how you liked this reunion.
4)   * How satisfied were you with the Registration Process?

  I don't do the internet so I did not like it
  I prefer to have tickets
  The process was smooth and easy
  The process could be improved
  I like that you had both a paper and website to register
5)   How happy were you with the payment methods available?

  I liked that you gave me variious options to pay
  You made it easy to pay
  I do not like to use the internet to pay any bills
6)   * What are your thoughts about having a multi-year reunion?

  I prefer just having my own class at the reunion
  I have no opionion on this question
  I really like having the multiple classes.
  There was just too many people at the reunion
7)   * How happy were you with the Meet and Greet event at Brass Monkey

  Did not attend the Meet and Greet
  The cash bar was to expensive
  The place was too crowded
  The turnout was great
  It was great to see all the alumni
8)   * How did you like the appetizers served at the Brass Monkey?

Our class paid for the appetizers. Did you like the food?
9)   * How would you rank the service at Brass Monkey?

10)   * What was your overall impression of our Dinner Dance at the Sunland Park Casino?

11)   * Did you have any issue with our registration process at the Casino?

Yes No
12)   * What did you think about our door prizes at the Reunion?

13)   * What did you think about our raffle at the Casino?

14)   * What did you think about the Silent Auction that we had?

15)   * Did you enjoy the Buffet at the Casino?

  Yes, the food was good.
  Yes, I liked the different dishes you all selected
  I did not like the menu
  I did not like the lines at the buffet
  The desserts ran out before I could get one
  I generally do not like buffets
16)   * Did you like the free beer and margaritas at the Casino?

17)   * What did you think about the Welcome Home, Veterans event?

18)   * What are your thoughts on having a photographer at our events?

19)   * What was the best part of the reunion in your eyes?

20)   Did you like the band, Bad Apple, that we had at the reunion?

21)   * What Ideas, Comments, or suggestion do you have to improve future reunions?

22)   If you have used our website, ephs69.com, what suggestions do you have for improving it?