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Richard Mowad

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05/08/09 10:24 PM #1    

Sylvia Torres (Brierton)

I had the biggest crush on Richard Mowad ever since I laid eyes on him at Lamar. Although we never went out he was always very sweet to me and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Richard. He was one of the most handsome guys at Lamar and EPHS

05/11/09 09:12 PM #2    

Susan Abraham

My mom had lunch with Richard's mom Pat last week. She lives on Skymont Street in El Paso. She's doing OK. Richard was a sweetie--very shy and had beautiful eyes. I think of him a lot because our mothers are friends.

05/18/09 10:00 AM #3    

Lucia A. Ortiz

Richard was truely a "DreamBoat", that was the nickname we had for him in our neighborhood. He would often come and play baseball with us, even if we ended up breaking windows in my house. His shy smile and sparkling eyes really stood out as one of his most attractive features.

06/17/09 10:38 PM #4    

Sylvia Torres (Brierton)

Does anyone know how he passed away?

07/02/09 07:22 PM #5    

Mario A. Aragon

I have many fond memories of Richard and I'm sadden he is no longer with us. Richard was a member of the Tennis Team, he was one of the hardest working team members. What he may have lacked in ability he made up with his relentess pursuit to be the best tennis player he could be.
I recall Richards nickname on the team was 'Ace'.
Looking back now, it was a very appropriate nickname for so many reasons.

07/25/09 04:43 PM #6    

Charley Gallegos

My name is Charley Gallegos. Richard and I were very, very close. We hung out together. I lost track of Richard when I moved to Los Angeles. It was always Richard, me and Chuy (Jesus) Rodriguez from Tech. Can anybody tell me what happeded? I've heard stories...but that's all they are...just stories.

Charley Gallegos

08/13/09 10:07 PM #7    

Susan Abraham

Richard Mowad passed away in his sleep while he was recovering from a motorcycle accident--almost 10 years ago.

11/03/09 01:29 PM #8    

Christine Diaz (Jacquez)

Richard was the quiet silent type and I'm sure he had quit a few girls that had a crush on him; I was one of them. His shy and and silent demeanor made him so attractive. I was so sorry to hear of his demise; may he rest in peace, he will always be fondly remembered.

04/01/11 08:45 PM #9    

Dolores Aguilar (McMillan)

A good friend!!!!!!!


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